Trump–The “Pop” Populist, Hipster Joke

While recovering from a persistent super cough, I figured I had to have another go at Donald Trump albeit from a prone position. I admired Celik Kayalar for standing up and having his say about the Trump menace and the grave risk his candidacy ...

Permission to Touch, Citizen Cinema T-Shirt

Rob Nilsson's new film PERMISSION TO TOUCH, featuring Nilsson and T. Moon in the lead roles, will have its World Premiere at the Mill Valley Film Festival, on Oct. 14, 8:45 at the Christopher B. Smith Rafael Film Center, 1118 4th. St. San Rafael, CA. A second screening will ...

Rob Nilsson’s 50th Anniversary

Rob Nilsson, the first American director to win both the Camera d’Or at Cannes and the Grand Jury Prize at the Sundance Film Festival, is being recognized in numerous ways as he celebrates his 50th anniversary as an independent filmmaker. He also has a slate full of projects in the ...

A Bridge to a Border - SF Screening

A BRIDGE TO A BORDER will be screening November 19 at 7PM at the Roxie in San Francsico. The film is a character study of people under duress with a limited time to perpetrate, or to prevent, a disaster. It looks at domestic terrorism from the perspective of everyday Americans ...
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The 15,000

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I've always liked the slogan, "Opinion rules the world." The 15,000 is a chronicle of opinions I'd like to have more heft in the neighborhood. I've lived long enough to realize that silence has great value. I think it's the great growing space pregnant in the seed before it blooms. And then you talk.

Every month I'll be writing on a topic related to our films: production, distribution, exhibition. Or I'll follow inspiration, desperation and other burrs under the saddle to talk about cinema, art, society ... the gamut.

I'm hoping to hear your views. I only know my own and so I'm at a disadvantage. You are 15,000 and I am one. The only way we can make progress is if you are as candid as I try to be. If you make an honest effort to cut through the mist and tell the truths... read more

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