A LEAP TO TAKE to Moscow

Rob Nilsson’s new feature film, A LEAP TO TAKE, a Direct Action workshop co-production with Celik Kayalar’s Film Acting Bay Area, will have its World Premiere at the Moscow International Film Festival on June 26, 2013. Beginning as a one take experiment, LEAP evolved into a hybrid tour de force with a unique pedigree:

  1. 21 speaking roles performed by workshop members
  2. 20 plus extras
  3. 8 locations including a London double decker bus from the Mission to the Embarcadero
  4. principal photography shot in 3 1/2 hours by Mickey Freeman with Vincent Leddy on second camera
  5. Music by Slavic Soul Party

Because of insurance issues the concluding leap into San Francisco Bay was done on a green screen at Marshall Spight’s Meets the Eye production company in San Carlos.

A small time club owner takes his wife out for a birthday night on the town, accompanied by a retinue of friends, would- be escorts, potential johns, ersatz modern artists, a motley group watching their lives go up in smoke due to the economic downturn.  A satirical rocket ride of political invective, limericks and bad jokes, high spirits and bad taste, dubious religion and quirky hi- jinks, the film careens toward the serious at the end, as the costs of behaving badly tally up in sadness for some, a leap of faith for others.


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