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The 15,000

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I've always liked the slogan, "Opinion rules the world." The 15,000 is a chronicle of opinions I'd like to have more heft in the neighborhood. I've lived long enough to realize that silence has great value. I think it's the great growing space pregnant in the seed before it blooms. And then you talk.

Every month I'll be writing on a topic related to our films: production, distribution, exhibition. Or I'll follow inspiration, desperation and other burrs under the saddle to talk about cinema, art, society ... the gamut.

I'm hoping to hear your views. I only know my own and so I'm at a disadvantage. You are 15,000 and I am one. The only way we can make progress is if you are as candid as I try to be. If you make an honest effort to cut through the mist and tell the truths... read more

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