Faithful Fools

As you may know the Faithful Fools housed the Tenderloin yGroup for several years as we created the 9 @ Night Film Cycle.  They work in the Tenderloin with a unique perspective.  They’re there to do what needs to be done.  They don’t preach anything other than high human empathy and help.  I call what they do a kind of spiritual pragmatism.  And they teach from the same center.   No prayers for food sort of ministry.  They know that life is made up of unique needs and they try to be unique in the way that they help people who need help.  And they do it with humor and an amazing, funny tolerance.  They do other good work too, including in rural communities in Central America.

We took collections every yGoup Wednesday workshop we ran in their space and tried to give back with a special benefit we ran with and for them which Karen Black helped us produce.  But then they let us use their entire bottom floor to create the Odessa Hotel for our film featuring Irit Levi, THE STEPPES.  And this year they came out on the street with us in our new film BRIDGE TO A BORDER to play the Protos Group, a somewhat obscure street based religious order.  They are true friends of our mission and I’m a true believer in theirs.

So right now they are out there on one of their “street retreats” where they take people like you and me out to live on the streets for a week to provide an education about what it means to be broke and homeless in America.

They asked me if I’d share the article written by one of their number about the retreat and also the magazine which talks about the very thorny gentrification now taking place in areas around Market St. and moving into the Tenderloin area.  Silicon Valley style high tech companies are moving in and the rents are doubling and tripling, making it very difficult for the humanitarian groups in the area to continue their work.

They didn’t have to ask twice. Anything I can do to let the world know about the Faithful Fools and their work in the Tenderloin I’ll do.  Anything you can do in support of their work, please do.  And let me know what you think.

I know we’ve been bombarding many of you with notices of the NORTHERN LIGHTS re-release so we’ll back off a little now and give you a rest.  But I hope to see you at a screening somewhere out on the trail.  La lucha continua.


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