Harvard Reminder

A reminder that we’re heading into Boston next week for screenings of OPENING at Boston University, on Thursday, Nov. 15, and then the three days of 9 @ Night at Harvard, Nov. 17-19.

View the Harvard Film Archive’s official announcement, 9 @ Night: The Films of Rob Nilsson.

This is the schedule:

NOISE, Sat. Nov. 17- 5:00 PM
USED, Sat. Nov. 17- 7:30 PM
ATTITUDE, Nov. 17- 9:15 PM
SINGING, Nov. 18- 3:00 PM
STROKE, Nov. 18- 7:00 PM
SCHEME C6, Nov. 18- 9:00 PM
NEED, Nov. 19- 6:00 PM
PAN, Nov. 19- 8:00 PM
GO TOGETHER, Nov. 19- 10:00 PM

Please tell Aunt Lucretia, Cousin Jack and the boys, Freddie Freeloader, Conk the Junkman, and all the little Teletubbies to come to the screenings. You will get a reduced rate if you buy tickets to all 9 films and watch them with me. You will also get a free DVD of your favorite film, plus other unnameable and even conceivable aesthetic pleasures and considerations for several generations to come.

In short, please help us to sell these houses out. We did so in our home town, but here we need word of mouth, e-mails to friends, and just generally getting the word out that this is an historic occasion, the first time all 9 9 @ Night Films will be shown back to back, and in order. Please try to come and please ask others to follow suit.

Here, Survival on the Margins, is the excellent essay, written by Ray Carney, author of the major books on John Cassavetes, Carl Dreyer, and Mike Leigh. I feel honored that we have such an insightful and erudite essay fronting for us at Harvard. Well what do you expect from a couple of old Harvard grads, although I’m a little older than Ray (but don’t tell him.)”

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