Cinematic Artists

Production Companies

  • Piazza del Popolo Productions produces and markets documentaries and theatrical features that explore the human spirit and condition in all it’s variances and aspects.
  • Motomura Media is the production company of Rob Nilsson’s long time collaborator, Chikara Motomura.


  • Cal - UC Berkley collaborators on Security
  • Las Positas College The Visual Communications department worked with Diablo Valley Design in creating this website
  • Harvard University Rob Nilsson is an Alumni to Harvard
  • San Francisco School of Digital Filmmaking (SFSDF) the only film school that bridges the gap between traditional education and professional moviemaking, offers programs in Digital Filmmaking, Film Acting, and Screenwriting. Our intensive and hands-on programs are designed to prepare students for a successful career in the motion picture industry.


  • Harvard Magazine is an independently edited and separately incorporated affiliate of Harvard University. It is the only publication covering the entire University that is also regularly distributed to all graduates, faculty, and staff.
  • launched on March 10, 2006, and is a joint publication of the San Francisco Film Society and indieWIRE. SF360 seeks to inform, educate, motivate and empower the San Francisco film community
  • Film/ Tape World Film/Tape World is for professionals working in the film, video and multimedia industries.
  • Movie Maker


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The 15,000

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I've always liked the slogan, "Opinion rules the world." The 15,000 is a chronicle of opinions I'd like to have more heft in the neighborhood. I've lived long enough to realize that silence has great value. I think it's the great growing space pregnant in the seed before it blooms. And then you talk.

Every month I'll be writing on a topic related to our films: production, distribution, exhibition. Or I'll follow inspiration, desperation and other burrs under the saddle to talk about cinema, art, society ... the gamut.

I'm hoping to hear your views. I only know my own and so I'm at a disadvantage. You are 15,000 and I am one. The only way we can make progress is if you are as candid as I try to be. If you make an honest effort to cut through the mist and tell the truths... read more

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