FABA Direct Action Screenings

Film Acting Bay Area (FABA) at Expression College For Digital Arts is hosting a Direct Action Screenings Series, as a part of the Summer Class “DIRECT ACTION: Part II” by Rob Nilsson.

Join us to watch & discuss great movies!

When: Thursdays, 7:00pm ( for 8 weeks, with a 2-week break in the middle )

Where: FABA at Expression College for Digital Arts, in Emeryville, East Bay: filmactingbayarea.com

The public may attend any one of the screenings, below, and stay for the brief discussion to follow, led by Rob Nilsson, without having to enroll for the whole class. Suggested donation: $10 per screening.

Please email Celik Kayalar ahead of your attendance at: celik@filmactingbayarea.com

Viewing Schedule:

  • June 17 - TIME CODE, by Figgis
  • June 24 - RUSSIAN ARK, by Sokurov
  • July 1 - BABEL, by Inarritu
  • July 8 - BLUE, by Kieslowski
  • July 29 - WHITE, by Kieslowski
  • Aug 5 - IRREVERSIBLE, by Noe
  • Aug 12 - PVC 1, by Stathoulopoulos
  • Aug 17 - MEMENTO, by Nolan
picture of Rob Nilsson

Direct Action

Trust your experiences »

Direct Action Cinema is a practice created to allow actors and technicians high freedom and deep responsibility to create memorable cinema. It is a dynamic jazz ensemble of actors, camera, sound, directors, and editors that creates and interprets together, seeking the unexpected, the extraordinary, the miracles only a well-prepared combo can play.

Create a situation, define and develop a character. Combine the two and watch them collide, attract, and repel. Build drama from this dynamic, closer to the way life happens to us and we happen back.

Grow a narrative with the story spine hidden, accreting like a coral reef from within and according to its own inner energies.

Reject the 'film as short story' dictum promoted by Hollywood and... read more

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