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Poetry, Paintings, Etc.

As you may know by now my poetry book FROM A REFUGEE OF TRISTAN DA CUNHA came out in 2007 through Authorhouse. It’s a collection from a lifetime of writing poetry and I’m very proud of it. But you may not know that I have been a painter longer than a filmmaker...

9 @ Night DVD Direcected by Rob Nilsson

9 @ Night Box Set

Sale: $99.00

Special: $90.00

Bay Area filmmaker Rob Nilsson presents the complete 9 @ Night series, a compilation of nine feature films he produced over the last decade in collaboration with the Tenderloin yGroup...

Signal 7 DVD Direcected by Rob Nilsson

Signal 7

Sale: $29.99

Special: $15.00

Independent filmmaker Rob Nilsson's gritty drama is dedicated to John Cassavetes, who pioneered the extensive use of improvisation in his movies. Signal 7 centers around a day in the life of two middle-aged San Francisco cab drivers...

On the Edge DVD Direcected by Rob Nilsson

On the Edge

Sale: $29.99

Special: $15.00

A once-promising runner who was unfairly banned from amateur competition twenty years ago sets out to recapture his lost glory. He returns to his boyhood home in northern California and begins to train...

Heat and Sunlight DVD Direcected by Rob Nilsson

Heat and Sunlight

Sale: $29.99

Special: $15.00

Independent filmmaker Rob Nilsson directs and stars in this gritty drama about a love affair that is coming to an end. Photojournalist Mel Hurley (Nilsson) arrives home expecting to find his lover Carmen waiting at the airport...

Chalk DVD Direcected by Rob Nilsson


Sale: $29.99

Special: $15.00

The stage is set for the most important evening in TC's life. For the first time in years he begins to practice seriously. The night of the match, Dorian arrives an hour late. Now Jones reveals that he has covered the family's wager...

Winter Oranges DVD Direcected by Rob Nilsson

Winter Oranges

Sale: $29.99

Special: $15.00

Ryuki lives on Sagi, a small island off the coast of Hiroshima. His ancestors have always grown oranges and scallions in fields sloping sharply upward from the sea. But Ryuki is tired of all that...

Sampt DVD Direcected by Rob Nilsson


Sale: $29.99

Sale: $15.00

Ashtar, a young Jordanian woman from a traditional family seeks greater personal freedom. She gets permission from her father to attend a youth conference. Her brother, Jihad, is challenged by his friends...

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