Poetry, Paintings, Etc.

As you may know by now my poetry book FROM A REFUGEE OF TRISTAN DA CUNHA came out in 2007 through Authorhouse. It’s a collection from a lifetime of writing poetry and I’m very proud of it. But you may not know that I have been a painter longer than a filmmaker and both poetry and paintings are now going to be for sale. You can purchase the poetry book and my paintings and drawings as well as less expensive Digiprints taken from them. I’m putting up this special page to allow you to purchase any of these directly from the Studio, with payment by check to me, or through Pay Pal if you prefer.

The Digiprints taken from my paintings are 8 1/2” by 11” digitally enhanced prints from the originals and will come signed, matted and framed. The cost is $125.00, two for $200.00

The autographed poetry books will go for $25.00.

I also have a small supply of original NORTHERN LIGHTS and ON THE EDGE movie posters. NORTHERN LIGHTS was winner of the Camera d’Or at Cannes, (1979) and ON THE EDGE, features Bruce Dern and John Marley, (1985). I’m selling the posters, which will come autographed and rolled up in mailing tubes, for $50 apiece. They are both collector’s items and will be available while the supply lasts.

I can also take special orders for posters of more recent films but they would have to be struck as one- offs at this time, an expensive process necessitating a $75.00 price tag. These posters will be on great looking photographic paper however and will be collector’s items before we’re through.

The paintings I’m putting up for sale are much more expensive but I have to price them at value. If anyone wants one I might, if my arm is twisted, go for a payment plan to fit your budget. If you want one of my pictures I want you to have it. Don’t assume anything. Let’s talk.

In considering any of these purchases remember that I make my Art as a calling. I feel it’s needed out there in the world. By purchasing it you contribute to its ability to make people feel, think and search and also, you keep me going. Revenue from any work I do collectively will also be shared with my collaborators and my hope is that sales can soon begin to pay back those who have shared the road. If you believe in the work, please support it. For the last 40 years I have tried to fight the mind- numbing fashions in post modern art and mainstream cinema in favor of a radically human approach to both. I’m sure you know I’m in it for a lifetime.

You can take advantage of these holiday offers by contacting Rob directly through email or by phone.


  1. FROM A REFUGEE OF TRISTAN DA CUNHA- the collected poetry of Rob Nilsson. Autographed copies- $25.00
  2. NORTHERN LIGHTS Film Poster- winner of the Camera d’Or at the Cannes Film Festival, 1979. Farmers struggle with the banks, railroads and the grain trade in 1916 North Dakota. Featuring Bob Behling, Joe Spano and Susan Lynch. Full sized (40”x 27”) . Collector’s item. Autographed- $50.00- Comes in mailing tube. Ideal for framing.
  3. ON THE EDGE (1984) Film Poster featuring Bruce Dern and John Marley- An elite runner, banned from the Olympics, returns years later to run the Cielo Sea Race (based on the Dipsea in Marin County, the oldest cross country race in the US). Full sized (40” x 27”) Collector’s item. Autographed- $50.00
  4. FILM POSTERS for other Nilsson films- One- offs on high quality photo paper- Autographed- $75.00
  5. ORIGINAL PAINTINGS (Acrylic)- Eventually all my paintings will be available from the Citizen Cinema website but for this Xmas sale I am offering 15.
  6. DIGIPRINTS from original paintings- 81/2 x 11” These are high- quality digitally enhanced images taken from the paintings. They come matted and framed. Antidotes to the post modern era. Colorful, expressionistic. As with the paintings I have selected only a few for this sale. $125.00. 2 for $200.00.


  1. PORTRAIT OF FAY, Acrylic, 16” x 12 , $1000 (Digiprint- $125 Autographed)
  2. SELF PORTRAIT, Acrylic, 14” x 11”- $1000 (Digiprint- $125 Autographed)
  3. PORTRAIT OF NORMANDIE, Acrylic, $7500 (Digiprint- $125 Autographed)
  4. PORTRAIT OF NORMANDIE, B&W Digiprint- $125 Autographed)
  5. PORTRAIT OF MY FATHER, Acrylic, $7500 (Digiprint- $125 Autographed)
  6. MEN IN CARS #1, Acrylic, 16” x 12”, $1000 (Digiprint- $125 Autographed)
  7. MEN IN CARS #2, Acrylic, 16” x 12”, $1000 (Digiprint- $125 Autographed)
  8. MEN IN CARS #3, Acrylic, 18” x 14” $1000 (Digiprint- $125 Autographed)
  9. MEN IN CARS #4, Acrylic, 16” x 12” $1000 (Digiprint- $125 Autographed)
  10. OEDIPUS & JOCASTA, Acrylic, 48”x36” $12,500 (Digiprint $125 Autographed)
  11. OEDIPUS & JOCASTA, B & W, Digiprint $125 Autographed
  12. LILITH #1, B & W Digiprint $125 Autographed
  13. LILITH #2, Acrylic, “48 x 36”- $7500 (Digiprint- $125 Autographed
  14. TRIBAL, Acrylic, “102 x 83”- $20,000 (Digiprint- $125 Autographed
  15. TRIBAL, Acrylic B & W Digiprint- $125 Digiprint- $125 Autographed
  16. FLAMENCO, Acrylic, “48 x 36”- $5500- Digiprint- $125 Autographed
  17. RED LANDSCAPE, Acrylic, 18” x 14”- Digiprint- $125 Autographed
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