Winter Oranges

Winter Oranges DVD directed by Rob Nilsson

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Ryuki lives on Sagi, a small island off the coast of Hiroshima. His ancestors have always grown oranges and scallions in fields sloping sharply upward from the sea. But Ryuki is tired of all that.

Although his wife Kaori is expecting their first child, Ryuki dreams about going to Tokyo to work in the theatre. He wanders the island distracted but inspired by Basho, a wandering Japanese poet from the 17th Century.

But with modern instant communication what does travel mean? Can we really get away from anything any longer? And now Ryuki meets temptation in the person of a visiting Tokyo journalist and her friend, come to Sagi to view the mythical “Winter Orange” festival.

Moody as a Basho Haiku, the film is about Ryuki’s decision. Should he stay with what he has always known or venture into the world to take his chances? In the end the unanswered question is asked in each viewer’s heart.

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