Workshop AuditionsWith Award Winning Director Rob Nilsson

  • Cost:
    $600 per phase
  • Where:
    Meets the Eye Studios
    939 Terminal Way
    San Carlos, CA
  • Contact:
    Michelle, 510.684.8671
    Call or email to schedule an audition.

Rob Nilsson’s Direct Action method emphasizes relaxation, concentration and primal emotion. The workshop develops improvisational skills and personal power, creating an “engaged ensemble” of players, working together towards the creation of a feature film.

In the first phase, the workshop will concentrate on the development of Direct Action techniques and improvisations around the subject of relationships, divorce, and divorce law. Characters will be created and research will include talks by experts in the field.

In the second phase we will make the feature film, working title: DIVORCE. The entire film will be shot at the Meets the Eye studio with it’s state of the art green screen stage. Each workshop member will be cast and appear in the film. No guarantees can be made regarding the size of the role. Casting and editing decisions are made by the director on the basis of the requirements of the film.

Whether you consider yourself a professional actor or an inspired amateur, you are welcome to audition for the workshop. Players with legal and business experience particularly welcome.

Nilsson’s films are beautiful, exciting, imaginative, unfamiliar and outside of that, very good.

About Rob Nilsson
Winner of the Cannes Camera d’Or and the Grand Jury Prize at Sundance for his work, Director Rob Nilsson has made over 30 feature films. His latest workshop feature, A BRIDGE TO A BORDER, had its World Premiere at the Mill Valley Film Festival in 2014. Five of his feature films were simultaneously accepted by Fandor for video on demand delivery around the world.

picture of Rob Nilsson

Direct Action

Trust your experiences »

Direct Action Cinema is a practice created to allow actors and technicians high freedom and deep responsibility to create memorable cinema. It is a dynamic jazz ensemble of actors, camera, sound, directors, and editors that creates and interprets together, seeking the unexpected, the extraordinary, the miracles only a well-prepared combo can play.

Create a situation, define and develop a character. Combine the two and watch them collide, attract, and repel. Build drama from this dynamic, closer to the way life happens to us and we happen back.

Grow a narrative with the story spine hidden, accreting like a coral reef from within and according to its own inner energies.

Reject the 'film as short story' dictum promoted by Hollywood and... read more

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